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Vital information to fly your drones safely

Fly responsibly, Safety first.

Our Dronehub team is committed to ensuring maximum safety of all our customers. You are our uttermost concern, therefore, we have dedicated this page to showing you the safest ways to handle your drones for the best experience. For specific information regarding drone regulation, kindly contact the civil aviation authority in your country of operation.

Things to know before you fly

Register your Drone

with the Civil Aviation Authority if above non-registrable weight.

Obtain a Permit

from the Civil Aviation Authority, if required, before using your drone.

Keep your drone within visual line

of eyesight at all times when flying.

Remain well clear

of and do not interfere with manned aircraft operations.

Ensure you operate your drone in a safe environment

Be competent and proficient

in the use of your drone.

Obtain relevant permission

(if required) before flying over private property.

Cross-check your equipment well

and ensure it’s fully charged and airworthy before flying.

Maintain control

by keeping your hand on the control sticks during flight.

Drone Safety Tips

Do not fly at night

(hours between sunset and sunrise).

Do not fly

higher than 122m (400ft) above ground level.

Do not fly

beyond your line of eyesight.

Do not fly t

under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do not control

more than one drone at a particular time.

Do not use

your drone in adverse weather conditions.

Do not intentionally fly

over unprotected persons or moving vehicles.

Do not fly

near or over sensitive property such as power stations, highways, government facilities, prison facilities, recycling plants, gas processing plants, etc.

Do not fly

closer than 30m (98ft) to vehicles, boats, buildings or people, not in your control or without explicit permission from the affected persons or owners.

Do not fly

over any populated area such as beaches or densely populated parks without the authorization from the appropriate authority..

Do not fly

within a 10km radius of a hellipad/airport if there is a published Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and 5km radius of a hellipad or airport if there is no published IFR.

Do not fly

in restricted, prohibited and danger zones as published in Ghana Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

With specific civil aviation approvals or waivers, some of the safety tips may not apply

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