Agras T10

The Ideal Drone for New Farmers




DJI Agras T10 is a small and foldable agricultural farm spraying drone capable of carrying up to 10 litres. The drone has a spray coverage of up to 15 acres per hour. Take your farm spraying solutions to higher levels of efficiency and performance with the Agras T10.




  • 8L or 10L Spraying Tank Options
  • 4 Nozzles with 5.5m Max Spray Width
  • 8.7 to 19 Minutes Max Hovering Time, Depending on Take-off Weight
  • Covers up to 15 Acres of Farmland Per Hour
  • IP67 Water Resistance Rating for Core Modules
  • Built-in RTK
  • Dual FPV Cameras for Monitoring
  • Spherical Radar System
  • Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform


  • Remote control planning precision: (RTK/GNSS)
  • Removing air from pipes: One button Air Discharge
  • High-precision flowmeter: (Dual-channel electromagnetic flowmeter with an error of ±2%)
  • Level gauge: Single-point level gauge
  • Maximum spray flow: 1.8 L/min (with standard XR11001 nozzle)
  • 2.4 L/min (with optional XR110015 nozzle)
  • D-RTK technology: Yes
  • Up-looking radar module: Yes
  • Flight dotting function: Yes
  • Smart cruising/return function: Yes
  • Intelligent supply-point prediction: x
  • Coordinated turn function: Yes
  • Forward-looking FPV: Yes
  • Backward-looking FPV: Yes
  • Branch targeting technology: x
  • Total weight (without batteries): 13 kg
  • Rated take-off weight: 24.8 kg (near sea level)

Accessories for Agras T10

Agras T10 Spreading System

Agras T10 Propellers

Agras T10 Intelligent Flight Battery

Agras T10 Battery Charger

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