Top 7 Reasons You Should Consider Drone Training

Top 7 Reasons You Should Consider Drone Training

Some drone owners think training is not necessary because flying a drone is not a big deal.

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With the evolution of drones and their integration into life and business workflows ever-increasing, drone training has generated many discussions, such as its relevance, industry standards, and training cost.

Some drone owners think training is not necessary because flying a drone is not a big deal. A reason for this perception is that consumer and commercial drone technology keeps improving with lots of new features, making them somewhat easier to control now than ever before when flying. But, drone training is not solely about the basic ability to fly a drone. It includes so much more.

Here are some reasons drone training is relevant and worth considering:

Flight Skills

Training can help to improve your flight skills and contribute to safer flights. Drone training will not prepare you for absolutely every real-life experience or situation you may encounter. But what it will do is help you become a better pilot, particularly for first-time flyers, by learning from experts.

Safer Flights

Training can help minimize the risks of flight incidents or accidents that could damage your drone, property, you, and others around you. Training on environmental factors, proper storage and maintenance, common causes of accidents, how to minimize incidents, what to do in emergencies, and other areas can help you as a pilot to operate safely.

Better Knowledge of Your Drone

Not all drones are created equal. Battery, fuel or hybrid-powered; multi-rotor, fixed wing or hybrid design; fully autonomous or pilot-operated; type of flight operating software and many other aspects of a drone can differ.
The fact that you might be an expert at piloting a US$ 1,000 battery-powered multi-rotor drone does not mean you can safely fly a US$ 100,000 fuel-powered drone. Some flight concepts may be similar, but the technical features, operational requirements, and maintenance schedules between drone models differ significantly. Training provides more knowledge specific to your drone model.

Protect Your Investment

Industrial-grade drones can be expensive and require expertise and care to operate safely. Companies starting a new drone program or expanding in-house commercial drone programs need to consider drone training for new and existing pilots as a foundation for a successful drone program and protect their drone investment.

Know the Rules & Regulations

Being familiar with the rules regarding drone use, particularly where you can fly in your country, can help you avoid potential run-ins with the law.

Mandatory Requirement

As a prerequisite to becoming certified as a drone pilot, particularly for commercial operations, pilots have to train and or pass a test/exam in most countries. Drone training will help prepare pilots to meet this requirement.

Learn Industry-Specific Training

Advanced drone training can help you with industry-specific drone piloting skills and enhance your appeal to companies. Such advanced training can be relevant for individuals looking to pursue a career within the drone industry. Drone training is also particularly pertinent and required in safety-conscious sectors such as energy, security, mining and construction.

As drone training evolves globally, there are in-country differences in content, requirements and cost. With time it is reasonable to expect generally accepted international frameworks or standards developed to guide drone training.
No amount of classroom training or simply passing a test can make you a professional drone pilot. Drone training goes beyond certification. Continuous practice is required to become an experienced drone pilot. As the cliché goes, practice makes perfect.

In conclusion, drone training contributes to safer drone operations by minimizing the risk of accidents or incidents, improving your flight skills, particularly for beginners, and protecting your drone investment. Commercial drone pilots are required to get trained and certified in most countries.

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