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Every now and then, we get enquiries such as - What should I look out for when buying a drone?; How can I get spare parts?; Where can I fly my drone?; Do I need to insure my drone?; and so on. This short guide is for first-timers, beginners or anyone looking for guidance or tips to consider before buying their first drone.

Purpose & Budget
Be clear about the reason(s) for which you intend to buy a drone. For example, do you want to use it for aerial photography, drone racing, aerial mapping or aerial inspections? Having a clear purpose helps define the features to look out for and ultimately helps you set a budget.

Familiarize Yourself with Basic Drone Features

Every drone has its unique design and functions; the more functionalities you want, the more you pay. Familiarize yourself with the essential functions like flight time, control distance, camera or sensor type, fixed-wing or multi-rotor drone.

Extra Batteries

Consider purchasing extra batteries if you intend to fly for longer without recharging your battery from time to time.

Availability of Accessories and Replacement Parts

Check online or ask local vendors regarding the availability of replacement parts and accessories before you buy your choice of drone. If replacement parts are not readily available, you may be stuck with a drone that is unrepairable in case of damage.

Learning to Fly

As with any new gadget, no one starts as an expert. When learning to fly, you are probably better off with a mid-range drone with essential functions for efficient and safe practice. Alternatively, you may want to consider a virtual flight training simulator or the services of a drone training service provider when learning to fly.

Know Your Local Drone Rules and Regulations

Understand the safety rules and permits required in your area before flying your drone. Safety to people, aircraft and property should be of paramount importance when using your drone. Regulations usually cover drone registration, permits, safety rules, drone pilot licensing, commercial operator certification and special flight rules.


Recreational users are usually not required to insure their drone. However, it usually is mandatory for private businesses and commercial operators to have at least third-party liability insurance cover for their drone operations in many countries. Look for the specific rules in your area or country of operations.

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