Infocus – Farming with the DJI Agras T10 and T30 Crop Spraying Drones

Take your aerial spraying efficiency to the next level.

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The deployment of drones in agriculture continues to evolve with increasing adoption, particularly in crop spraying. DJI’s Agras series features a storied lineage of drones designed to improve the efficiency of crop spraying and protection solutions. The Agras MG-1 being the first drone of this series, set the foundation for subsequent models.

DJI’s Agras T10 and T30 are the latest crop-spraying drones of this series, building on the success of their predecessors. Both new models provide advanced crop spraying solutions with enhanced safety features, improved accuracy and durable design.

DJI Agras T10

The Agras T10 is a portable and powerful crop-spraying drone with a 10-litre spraying tank capacity (and an optional 8-litre spraying tank available where required). The drone has a 4-nozzle design for a better output rate. It features a dual-channel solenoid flowmeter to precisely control the spraying volume and ensure even spraying. The 4-nozzle design of the Agras T10 allows it to deliver a 2.4-litre/minute spray rate. It can spray up to 5-meter width for extensive spray coverage. The T10 achieves a spray coverage of up to 15 acres of farmland per hour. The battery comes with a guarantee of 1,000 flight cycles or 1,650 acres. The T10’s battery charges in just 10 minutes by using the smart charging hub and charging station.

Agras T30

The Agras T30 takes aerial spraying efficiency to the next level with its 30-litre spray tank and 40KG spreading system capacity. It features a 16-nozzle design for exceptional drift prevention, variable frequency control and improved droplet penetration. With the T30, operators can achieve a spray rate of 8 litres/minute and a spray width of 9 meters. The Agras T30 has a newly designed intelligent battery for better performance, reduced operational cost, and increased service life. It achieves spray coverage of up to 40 acres of farmland per hour. Similar to the T10 battery, the T30’s battery charges in just 10 minutes. The T30’s battery comes with a guarantee of 1,000 flight cycles or 4,942 acres.

Both the Agras T10 and T30 have the following additional features in common:

an IP 67 rating that ensures protection against dust and liquid.
a spherical radar system for environmental and weather scans during flight.
dual FPV cameras to check the flight status. They also have night vision capabilities to enable you to spray or monitor your fields at night.
built-in high precision RTK positioning module allows both drones to achieve centimetre-level operation while spraying the fields.
a remote controller that has an ultra-bright 5.5-inch screen and an effective signal range of 5 kilometres. Operators can control multiple drones simultaneously with the remote controller.
allows for cloud-based 3D farming using DJI’s Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform. This platform is equipped with an AI recognition system to patrol fields, identify growth, monitor disease or pests, and monitor agricultural conditions efficiently. Pairing this system with the DJI P4 Multispectral allows users to apply solutions based on specific variables to an automatically-generated farmland prescription map.

Please connect with us if you need further information about the DJI Agras T10 or T30 crop-spraying drones. Dronehub is a drone products and solutions provider and an authorized DJI distributor in West Africa.

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