Tips to Care for Your Drone Battery

To prevent drone battery issues, here are some tips to help you care for your drone batteries.

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The most popular consumer and commercial drones today are not toys and can be expensive. That’s why pilots should always ensure their drone is in excellent condition to fly.
One vital part of the drone that requires continuous care and maintenance is the drone’s lithium-polymer battery or LIPO battery. LIPO battery is a kind of lithium-ion battery. This battery needs care in handling to reach its entire useful life.

Without proper maintenance, this battery might swell and become damaged. It is unsafe to use a swollen or damaged battery as it could pop out during flight, resulting in a crash. It can also leak and explode, causing severe damage.
To prevent such issues, here are some tips to help you care for your drone batteries.

Charging Tips

When charging your drone batteries, always charge with their original chargers. Third-party chargers might have a higher charge rate, which might reduce the battery’s lifespan and damage its cells. The chargers might also damage the battery’s terminal due to improper alignment.

Best practices for charging

  • Do not charge the battery when it is still hot. Allow the battery to return to normal internal room temperature before charging.
  • Do not leave the battery charging while unattended, especially overnight or when out of the house.
  • Fully charge the battery before you fly.
  • Disconnect the batteries when fully charged.
  • Avoid charging your battery on a flammable or wet surface.

Usage Tips

  • Don't completely drain your battery.
  • Don’t use swollen or damaged batteries.
  • Don’t put unnecessary strain on the battery.
  • Use original batteries from the manufacturer. Don’t use third-party batteries.
  • Ensure your battery’s firmware is up-to-date and in sync with the drone’s firmware.

Storage and Transport Tips

  • The perfect storage temperatures for drone batteries range between 71.6° F and 86°F (22°C to 30°C). -Don't store the batteries in a car since vehicles often get hot or cold outside, potentially leading to non-recoverable capacity loss.
  • Besides that, keep your batteries in a well-ventilated room away from direct sunlight, and don’t allow your batteries to get wet.
  • When travelling with your drone, place the batteries in a well-ventilated fireproof case. Avoid carrying drone batteries in a pocket or loose bag to prevent them from short-circuiting if the terminals come into contact with one another.

Signs of a Defective Drone Battery

You should replace your drone battery if you notice the following signs:

  • Leaking, damage, or visibly swollen.
  • A battery cell damage notification from the app.
  • A drone battery has reached its recommended charge cycles.
  • Bent terminals.
  • Crash or hard impact.
  • Existence of battery error, even after conduction the standard charge and discharge operations.

Read Your Drone’s User Manual for More Tips

A drone’s user manual usually contains vital information on proper use, care, storage and maintenance for your drone’s battery. By following the guidelines in the user manual, your drone battery can perform optimally and reach its useful life with safer flights during the entire period.

Final Thoughts

The care and maintenance of drone batteries are essential for many reasons. First, a good battery will allow the drone to stay in the air. Secondly, a damaged drone battery can be dangerous, so it's wise to make a conscious effort to handle them with care.
If you suspect your battery might be damaged, do not use it. That said, if you're looking to buy a drone battery, get in touch with us.

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